Company Info
We introduce ourselves as the Pioneers in the field of Out-of-Home Advertising & Cable Tv Advertisement  in Punjab, Haryana, UP, H.P. & J&K.Presently having a team of more than 75 Members.
Owning large parts of the best media available in Punjab,Haryana,UP,H.P. & J&K.
Head office located at Shimla  We cater to all kinds of out of home advertising conventional/ non conventional & Cable Tv advertisement

Specialization In
Public Utility
Wall Wrap
Pole Kiosks
Glow Sign Boards
Wall Paintings
Innovative Media
Flex Printing  
Inshop Branding
Lollypop Standies
LED Boards (3D

Why Outdoor Advertising?

Continuous: Outdoor advertising works all day, all night, every day. Viewers do not have the choice to switch off the message or change the channel. Neither can they set it aside or turn the page. Your advertising message is always on!
Low cost per thousand: No other medium reaches as many people as often and that too at such a low cost.
Selective: An advertising message can be placed in locations reaching everyone coming or leaving a specific market area.
Flexible: The medium provides flexibility both in campaign strategy and creative approach.
We believe, Beyond billboards, a whole new field of out of home advertising formats has emerged to impact consumers head-on during the course of daily activities As experts in the business, our endeavor is to produce a comprehensive mix of effective media delivery mechanisms that reach people on the move in any number of growing outdoor media settings

Our endeavor is to create a “Smarter plan” rather than a “Bigger plan”

We make sure that your Outdoor campaign gets noticed by the right  target group at the right place, right time and in the right ambience