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CCTV security system is used for surveillance purpose to monitor the areas such as House,Office,Factory,Banks,Stores,Schools Colleges,and more. It controls the crimes and gives the safer & peaceful life. You can record the video and you can play it back whenever you want. Many more type of cameras are available depending upon their coverage distance and clearity.
CCTV cameras are normally categorised by Dome camera, IR camera, IR dual camera, IP camera, CS Mount camera, WDR camera, Zoom camera, and Speed dome camera. Indoor camera & Outdoor camera are the two types, categorized by the camera's body. As their name indicates, indoor cameras are used for indoor applications and outdoor cameras are used to outdoor applications.
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is used to record the video captured by cameras.Normally cameras are connected to DVR and the output of DVR is connected to a monitor.The monitor may be CRT,LCD, or Flat screen of television or computer monitor.
There are two types of DVRs : 1. Stand Alone DVR (No need of computer) 2. PC Based DVR card (Interfaced with computer).

High-performance digital recording system
•200 ips PAL with the advanced processing of a multiplexer
•More storage on smaller media without sacrificing image quality
•Providing days,weeks and even months of high-resolution video storage.

We provides the best of Hydrant System to our clients. High tensile strength, compact design, ease of usage and low maintenance are some of the features of this system that is valued among the clients. Widely used as a most reliable fire extinguishing instrument, the offered system is fitted with the strainers in order to prevent debris from entering into the pipes.
Fire Hose coupling & Branch Pipes
Fire Hose Reel Drums
Hydrant valves Blank caps
Our mission is to continue to provide the best security and surveillance solutions to protect today’s generation and become part of the efforts of country leadership in providing safe, secure and peaceful future to our next generations.

Our Vision is to utilized vast experience of more than 15  Years in Surveillance Industry to deliver Top of the Line Integrated Security &
Surveillance Solutions at competitive cost to make People of India feel safe & Protected for their Buildings, Properties and Life.

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